Featured Capability - Urban Infrastructure

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a proven method of installing pipelines, including these pipelines being pulled under a ship channel. Planning and designing pipelines like these in developed urban or port areas includes planning for stringing and pulling the pipeline, subsurface investigation, rights-of- way, permits, work space, and contractor coordination. We apply this expertise in subsurface utility engineering and coordination to many types of urban infrastructure development projects.

Featured Capability - Fuel Supply Systems

Pipelines transport gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel from the refineries and marine terminals to distribution terminals in urban centers, airports, and military bases. SPEC provides planning, engineering, and overall project services for all parts of these fuel supply networks, including the system for receiving jet fuel from a pipeline pictured here.

Featured Capability - Upgraded Process Systems

System upgrades adapt to changing process conditions and rates and improve operations, efficiency, and reliability. SPEC provides process engineering and system planning for oil and gas production (as pictured here), gas processing, and oil refining, and for the support systems associated with these facilities.

SPEC Services, Inc.

Professional engineering and project services – Serving industry for 42 years.

SPEC Services provides planning, project management, engineering and design, procurement, construction management, and related services for facilities and infrastructure projects, primarily in the Western and Southwestern USA. From our base in southern California, we have been reliably serving industry, utilities, and agencies for 42 years. Initially focusing our services exclusively on pipelines and terminals for the oil and gas industry, we have expanded to serve all segments of the oil and gas industry, gas utilities, water and wastewater industries, and other urban infrastructure programs.

We provide the full range of technical and project services that our clients need, from ongoing small projects like operational enhancement or regulatory compliance services to the complete planning, design, and management of very large projects. With our long-term teams of professionals, we have both the organizational capabilities and processes to handle large projects, and the versatility and agility to efficiently execute small projects and specialized services. This range of capabilities has been especially valuable in our continuing service relationships with clients.

We are easy to work with, and can start assisting at any stage in a project. Typically our clients engage us from the beginning, assisting with scoping and planning the project, determining the optimum solution, and carrying through with effective execution of the detailed engineering, procurement, and project management. We are similarly engaged by clients to assist them or lead in the planning, development, and execution of major initiatives and associated programs of projects.

The development of our people and highly effective project teams is a key factor in our success and our steady growth to a current staff of over 235. Their energy, enthusiasm, responsiveness, and reliability are key to the excellent service we provide for our clients, and to the satisfaction we get in completing projects together.

The Basis of our Name (and What We Do)

SPEC: System Planning, Engineering, and Coordinating

This name and these words define our purpose and the consistent focus of our services for 42 years. Whether complementing their team or leading it all, we provide the services that our clients need to take their projects and initiatives from concept to completion.


An arrangement of components, which are related and connected in such a way as to function together as a whole.

There are many types of systems, and we have continued our initial focus on systems for producing, transporting, refining, and distributing petroleum and petroleum products. Our expertise has expanded to include processing, transportation, and distribution of natural gas and water, subsurface utility systems, and power and controls for other industries.


Developing a detailed method, in advance, for doing or making something.

We work with our clients to assess current needs, explore potential future needs and possibilities, develop alternative solutions, evaluate alternatives, select the approach, and define the system and its operation.


Applying scientific knowledge in the planning, designing, construction, and management of useful facilities.

We apply our engineering skills and knowledge to proper planning and perform detailed engineering, design, and specification of the facilities to be installed. Our goal is that the new components of any system integrate well with, and potentially enhance, the existing facilities.


Bringing the affected parties and components into proper order or relation, in order to have harmonious action.

We provide program and project management, construction management, permitting, utility coordination, scheduling, and project control services, coordinating the needs and activities of the project.


Work done for another or others.

Our purpose and product is providing the services needed by our clients to accomplish their objectives. We strive to provide these services in a way that brings energy and enthusiasm to the undertaking, is responsive and reliable, makes the client's job easier, and facilitates a project environment where people are inspired and visionary solutions can develop.

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