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Liquid Storage & Distribution Engineering and Project Services

SPEC Services has been providing planning, engineering, and project management services for liquid storage and distribution terminals and systems for over 40 years, primarily for petroleum products, crude oil, and chemicals. The services range from specific studies to overall system planning and development; from the upgrade of a specific piece of equipment to the full planning, design, and project management of major terminal and shipping projects; and from acquisition of a single permit to supporting the complete permitting for new terminal facilities.

Our clients include major oil companies with proprietary and common carrier systems, and independent pipeline and terminal companies. Over the years, we have often acted as an extension of their own planning, engineering, and project management staff, available to complete large and small projects and services as the client need arises. We typically are involved in the project planning and scope development, which reduces the initial documentation and planning required by the client and expedites the initiation of the project.

Aspects of liquid storage and distribution for which we have extensive capabilities and experience include:

• Storage tanks, including drain-dry capability
• Pressure vessels/spheres
• Fill and suction piping and manifolds
• Truck loading/unloading
• Rail car unloading/loading
• Additive injection systems
• Product blending
• Marine receiving and shipping
• Dockside facilities
• Pipeline receiving and shipping systems
• Pressure and surge relief systems
• Product blending, treating, heating, mixing
• Vapor collection/incineration
• Vapor recovery
• Fire protection systems – firewater and foam
• Metering
• Control systems – Automation/SCADA/upgrades
• Power systems and upgrades
• Secondary containment systems
• Water handling, processing, disposal
• MOTEMS compliance