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Electrical & Control Systems Engineering and Project Services

SPEC Services has been providing electrical and controls engineering and design for process facilities, terminals, and pipeline systems for over 40 years. For the last 30 years, these services have also been provided for water and wastewater facilities, including treatment plants, booster pump stations, lift stations, SCADA systems and other facilities. Services provided to utilities, agencies, and private industry include studies, facility planning, conceptual and preliminary design, detailed plans and specifications, construction estimates, SCADA system development, programming, panel testing and checkout, and construction and commissioning support. These services are provided both in conjunction with our multi-discipline projects and as separate specialized services.

Our power expertise includes substations, transformers, medium and low voltage switchgear, motor control centers, UPS systems, variable frequency drives (VFDs), backup generation. We provide expertise in power system design and studies such as area classifications, short circuit and coordination calculations, arc flash calculation, power factor correction, voltage drop and voltage stability analysis, load flow analysis and start-up services for all types of power systems.