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Water & Wastewater Engineering and Project Services

SPEC has been serving water and wastewater agencies since 1998, providing multi-discipline services for project and system planning and development, engineering and design, and associated project services. We work both directly for the agencies and as part of a larger engineering team, providing the specialized engineering services required of us for the project.

In the performance of water and wastewater projects, we provide services related to:

• New water lines (potable and recycled) in urban and rural areas
• New wastewater and stormwater lines in urban areas
• Water and wastewater process facility and pump station engineering and design, including process systems, civil and structural, mechanical, electrical, and control systems/SCADA
• GIS applications development, documentation, and analysis

A sample listing of the types of projects completed for public and private agencies in the southern California region highlights our multi-discipline capabilities:

• Electrical power reliability and standby power generation improvements at two major wastewater treatment facilities with 240 mgd total capacity
• Horizontal directional drilling for water pipelines beneath major Port facilities
• Small diameter water distribution pipelines for a major Southern California water distribution company
• Structural engineering for special structures, equipment foundations, and buildings at water and wastewater treatment facilities
• Electrical and control systems engineering as part of the expansion and upgrade of secondary treatment facilities, including activated sludge and trickling filters, at one of the largest wastewater treatment facilities on the West Coast
• System-wide water treatment and distribution SCADA system for a mid-sized water utility
• Controls system integration, programming and startup services for an 11 mgd groundwater treatment plant incorporating air stripping, fluidized bed resin reactors, ion exchange, and UV treatment technologies
• Retrofit of existing groundwater injection wells with electrical submersible pumps to allow periodic backflushing and restoration of aquifer permeability
• Electrical and control systems upgrades for renovation of an 8 mgd wastewater pumping station
• Thirty-inch diameter diversion sewer in an area restricted by FAA/Airport regulations, a proposed light rail project, and a major arterial highway
• Three miles of 48-inch diameter water transmission pipeline through congested Los Angeles County streets