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Oil & Gas Production Engineering and Project Services

SPEC Services provides a full range of technical support to oil and gas producers in southern and central California. Our services generally fall under the following three categories:

  • Process assessment and optimization, and project scoping/planning
  • Execution of detailed engineering and design
  • Project services, including construction management, procurement, permitting, and project controls

    SPEC provides the specialized process understanding and technical solutions for assessing oil, water, and gas processing limitations and issues and developing cost effective solutions. This work is provided for single process systems or as part of overall planning for the field. An example is a study performed to identify oil and gas facility capacity limitations and to provide a staged development plan for the field. The study included individual process components, unified process systems, pipelines, well sites and electrical infrastructure. The multi-discipline facility development plan was then been used in conjunction with the reservoir development plan and schedule projects required for future development. Other projects which benefited from SPEC effective process solutions and scope optimization can be viewed on this site. In addition to process simulation software, we use OLI ScaleChem to predict scale mineral precipitation in produced water and PipeFlo for steady-state three-phase simulations of oil-gas-water gathering systems, and, via a link with OLGA, to perform transient-state slugging studies.

    SPEC performs the full range of engineering and design required to define, procure, and construct the projects. 3D modelling is user for most projects, using 3D color laser scans performed in-house to illustrate the existing facilities. The 3D models facilitate effective and thorough client review, and subsequent automated production of many design details. Typical projects for both onshore facilities and offshore platforms and drilling islands have included dehydration upgrades, water plant upgrades, water injection systems, pump and compressor stations, new production sites, reconfiguration and replacement of obsolete equipment and piping, relocation and consolidation of facilities, power and control system upgrades, pipeline rehabilitation and replacement, LACT units, and storage and containment systems.

    SPEC offers services from initial planning through commissioning, which for about half of our projects has included the project and construction management, procurement, material management, permit acquisition, and cost and schedule controls.