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Refinery & Process Systems Engineering and Project Services

SPEC Services provides a wide range of services for refineries and process facilities. We have been providing detail engineering services to southern California area refineries for almost 30 years, performing a variety of projects for which our organizational structure, capabilities and expertise are the right fit. SPEC projects include work at Phillips 66, Tesoro, Valero, Paramount, and Torrance Refining Company refineries.

In addition to projects involving process units, SPEC completes many projects that are required in order to meet new safety standards, environmental regulations, supply and distribution logistics, storage and blending needs, feedstock flexibility, maintenance and replacement needs, and infrastructure improvements. Our flexible staffing approach to projects often is significantly more effective and efficient for these types of projects than the dedicated staffing approach of other firms. Because we handle numerous small projects simultaneously for multiple clients, we shift our resources as project demands rise and fall and no one is “on the job” when there is not productive work that can be done. Delaying the project doesn’t mean losing the team, however, as project team members are long-term SPEC staff, and are usually still available to pick up and take the project to the next phase or checkpoint. Our smaller, versatile teams provide quicker development and presentation of options and estimates for client approval.

Refinery work is performed by SPEC engineers and designers familiar with working in refineries and who are ever aware of safety and security practices in the plant environment. SPEC provides a full range of engineering disciplines as well as current 3D modeling and laser scanning technology to complete a broad range of refinery projects. Some project examples of this range of services include:

Acid Tanks
Gasoline Blending
Control Building Remodel
Firewater System Upgrade
Flare Line Redesign
Foundations – Heaters, Supports, Radio Tower, Vessels, Coke Handling
Jet Fuel Shipping System Upgrade
Renewable Diesel Receiving/Storage/Shipping
Seismic Upgrading
Spill Containment Systems, SPCC Calcs
Storage Tanks, Spheres
Stormwater Systems and Stormwater Emission Control
Substation/Switchgear Electrical Power Upgrade
Tank Foam Systems
Tank Piping Manifold
Underground Pipe Replacement
Unit Train Unloading Facility
Vapor Recovery Systems