Standby Power and Reliability Improvements

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Location:Fountain Valley, CA
Client:Orange County Sanitation District
Project Type:Treatment Plant Power System Upgrade
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Project Description:

SPEC Services provided analysis, engineering, detailed design and full-time construction field support for improvements to electrical power reliability and standby power generation capabilities at Wastewater Treatment Plant Nos. 1 and 2 to ensure the three separate sources of power for all critical loads, including Central Generation, Edison Tie-in and Standby Diesel Engine Generation, and to upgrade underrated or obsolete systems. The project was performed and successfully completed on a fast track schedule.

Improvements included replacement of more than 35 overdutied MCCs, upgrading 12kV and 480V Substations, replacement of nine 450 hp VFD pump motors, SCADA interface to replace Central Generation power monitors, UPS failure diagnosis, and blackstart capabilities. SPEC discovered that the root cause of Central Generation cold start problems was air compression related, eliminating the need and cost to provide a new 250kw generator. SPEC also designed a new architecturally compatible standby generation building with a controlled environment and underground fuel storage and delivery system to house two new 2MW generators.