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Location:Arroyo Grande, CA
Client:Pipeline and Terminal Operator
Project Type:Crude Oil Pipeline and Metering
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Project Description:

This project involved the design, permitting, and construction of a new 5.6-mile pipeline, metering, launching and receiving facilities, and the refurbishment of an existing pipeline in San Luis Obispo County. The new pipeline transports produced crude oil from an oil production field to an existing crude oil pipeline in Arroyo Grande, replacing the use of truck transport. Benefits of transporting the crude oil by pipeline include increased safety of operation and reduction in local truck traffic and associated emissions.

SPEC provided engineering, design, procurement, construction support, and other project services, and was responsible for coordinating engineering and design functions, environmental efforts, right-of-way activities, material procurement, coordination of job walks and bid evaluations, and construction coordination for the project. Other services included project cost estimates, presentations for management review, funding documents, schedules, and cost forecasting and control services.