Line 1600 Hydrotest/Replacement

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Location:San Diego County, CA
Client:San Diego Gas & Electric
Project Type:Pipeline
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Project Description:

Line 1600 is a high pressure pipeline located in San Diego County that runs from
Rainbow Station to Mission Station. The scope for remediating Line 1600 for PSEP
compliance is to replace approximately 37 miles of existing 16-inch diameter pipeline
in HCA areas and hydrotest the remaining 13 miles in non-HCA areas. The overall
project has been broken into 19 individual segments. The proposed Line 1600
Hydrotest/Replacement Project was approved by the CPUC Safety and Enhancement
Division in January 2019.

As the engineering prime contractor for Line 1600, SPEC and our subcontractors scope has included aerial photography/planimetric mapping (sub), right-of-way survey/mapping (sub), substructure research/mapping (SPEC), utility sweep surveys (sub), geotech investigations (sub), potholing (sub), traffic control plans (sub), 30/60/90/95 engineering and design (SPEC), special span/HDD/bore crossing designs (SPEC), fiber optic leak detection design, survey route staking and as-built survey (sub), as-built survey data QA/QC (SPEC), construction engineering/design support (SPEC), GIS construction progress tracking (SPEC), and Bundle A closeout following PSEP guidelines (SPEC).