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Location:Los Angeles Basin
Project Type:Hydrogen Pipeline
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Project Description:

SPEC has provided pipeline planning, engineering, and design for hydrogen pipeline systems serving California refineries for many years, supporting the development of interconnecting hydrogen pipeline systems. Since the initial full service delivery of a 2-mile hydrogen pipeline, including planning, engineering, permitting, right-of-way acquisition, surveying, and project and construction management, we have continued to work with hydrogen gas providers to expand their hydrogen delivery systems. Hydrogen pipeline experience includes:

• 2-mile, 6” hydrogen pipeline connecting refineries, and subsequent 1-mile, 8” hydrogen pipeline extending that pipeline to connect to two industrial gas facilities

• 7.3-mile, 10” hydrogen pipeline from an industrial gas facility to a refinery

• 0.5-mile, 6” high pressure (HP) hydrogen pipeline from an industrial gas facility to a refinery

• 6-mile existing pipeline network study to extend hydrogen supply to a new refinery

• Route study for 25-mile, 10” hydrogen pipeline network from proposed hydrogen plant to area refineries

• 30% design of 20-mile, 10” hydrogen pipeline to supply refinery

• Engineering, design, and project support services for 12-mile hydrogen pipeline system, including 0.5-mile, 8” new hydrogen pipeline and 11.5-mile, 6”/8”/12” conversion of existing pipelines for hydrogen service, providing hydrogen to refinery

• Preliminary engineering and system studies for hydrogen blending with natural gas, and for production, transportation, storage, and distribution of green hydrogen