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Project Type:Renewable Liquid Fuel Loading/Unloading, Storage
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Project Description:

SPEC has planned, developed, and designed many optimized solutions to retrofit and/or expand client facilities to transfer, store, and transport renewable liquid fuels such as biodiesel and renewable diesel. Representative projects involving the planning, engineering, and design of renewable fuel systems include:

• New B100 truck offloading lane, 15,000 BBL storage tank with existing diesel truck loading arms and storage tank interconnections, followed by installation of new B100 railcar unloading and truck loading/blending systems.

• Rail modifications to accommodate three new renewable diesel offload connections and B100 loading/blending. The project included conversion of an existing diesel tank to R100, integration of existing loading piping and modification of arms to allow R100 blending, and a new truck offload connection.

• Conversion of an existing diesel tank and loading rack to R100 storage and blending. Loading arms were modified to accommodate blending ULSD with R100. The existing B100 rail offloading system was modified to allow delivery and offloading of R100 via rail, and pipeline manifold was modified to allow delivery of R100 via pipeline in the future.

• New B100 rail, ship, and truck unloading into a 55,000 BBL storage tank. The tank was modified for the new product with significant portions of the out-of-service jet system repurposed for new ship loading (B5 to B20) and truck loading (B5 to B20 and B100). The facility is the hub for B100 in the geographic area.

• New B100 and R100 truck unloading facilities into existing tankage. Tanks were modified for the new products and out-of-service pumps were repurposed for the new products. A blending manifold was added to create products including ULSD, R5/B5, B20, R80/B20 and R100. The innovative design delivers all products via two loading arms.

• Conversion of five existing tanks to ethanol service and installation of new two-lane truck loading rack. The truck rack design allowed for five additional products and six future truckloading lanes. The project also included the installation of a new vapor incinerator with related piping and safety equipment.

• 95-car ethanol rail offloading facility, including 1,000-foot long unloading area and canopy (where 32 railcars can be offloaded simultaneously), spill containment, sewer connection, electrical, fire protection, control building and piping.