Arrow Lante Water Treatment Plant

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Location:Baldwin Park, CA
Client:Valley County Water District
Project Type:Treatment Plant Power and Controls
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Project Description:

SPEC provided detailed engineering, design and start up services for Valley County Water District’s 7,800 gpm Arrow Lante Water Treatment Plant. The new treatment plant design incorporates multi-stream air stripping, fluidized bed resin reactor systems, ion exchange technology and UV treatment systems for perchlorate, NDMA and 1,4 Dioxane removal from the local groundwater supply. SPEC’s scope of work included preparation of flow diagrams and P&IDs, electrical engineering and design, foundation and structure design, as well as unique control system integration and programming services linking various proprietary process systems in the plant. The control systems are based on an Ethernet network communicating with various PLCs of different manufacturers.

SPEC was also provided project management and engineering assistance with the start-up and initial operation of the facility. This included verification that the plant was mechanically and electrically constructed as designed, starting and operating the plant to ensure that the different plant processing units worked as one plant, checking that the four treating processes were functioning as designed, and operating the plant to meet the California DHS potable water standards. Once all testing was complete, SPEC Services operated the plant during the rigid DHS testing period of 10 days, 24 hours a day. SPEC also performed training of the water company’s operating personnel in plant operation, and has continued to provide on-call electrical and support services to support the operation as needed.