Production Facility Power Upgrade

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Location:Port of Long Beach
Client:Oil & Gas Producer
Project Type:Electrical Power
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Project Description:

SPEC provided planning, engineering and design, and project coordination services for the installation of a separate utility service, providing an existing oil and gas processing facility with increased electrical capacity sufficient for new development.

The project included the removal of an existing tank and the relocation of piping and electrical equipment to provide space for the proposed new substation. SPEC coordinated the contracting of Southern California Edison (SCE) to design and install a customer dedicated substation with one 66/12.47kV transformer bank rated 16.8/22.4 MVA, three 66kV circuit breakers arranged in a ring-bus configuration, and one 12kV circuit breaker.

SPEC also provided engineering and design for the balance of the new power system, including:
• A new 12kV switchgear to feed the existing 12kV power distribution system.
• A new 12kV feeder from the new 12kV switchgear to a nearby production facility, providing a second distribution feeder to the other production areas.
• A second 12kV feeder and associated switchgear for a nearby water injection system.
• Commissioning the new 66kV Substation and coordinating the cut-over of the existing production facility load to the new 12kV service switchgear.