Electrical Equipment Upgrade

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Location:Temecula, CA
Client:Eastern Municipal Water District
Project Type:Municipal/Government & Electrical/Controls
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Project Description:

The Pala Lift Station conveys wastewater from the Temecula service area to the Temecula Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility (TVRWRF) via existing 18-inch and 20-inch diameter dual force mains. Since the station was built, the station has been upgraded mechanically and electrically several times.

The electrical equipment at the station, including the switchgear, automatic transfer switch (ATS), variable frequency drives (VFD), motor control centers (MCC) and HVAC were replaced in 2000. Due to hydrogen sulfide corrosion and age, the existing electrical components are at the end of their useful life and are in need of replacement. Additionally, it is desired to reduce the Arc Flash hazards associated with the current configuration.

This project will replace the existing electrical and HVAC equipment and reduce the safety hazards associated with the existing configuration. The new switchgear and ATS will be relocated outside of the existing control building. The new MCC will be located in the control building.

The Pala Lift Station must stay in operation during construction. Detailed cutover sequence will be developed with consideration of sewer bypass and temporary electrical equipment and incorporated in the strategy and design to insure continuous lift station operation during construction.